Tutor Albany

In 2017, ACES (Inc.) started offering regionally based services in Albany, WA. Group workshops in literacy and numeracy were held in January 2018, and specialist tuition is now available. Our Albany Regional Co-coordinator is Ms Lizzie Ayers.



Dr Eugenie Kestel will be consulting in Albany each term. To make an appointment for a free-of-charge confidential discussion, bookings are required.



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For more information, phone Lizzie on 0437 958 992 or email albany@aceseducation.org.au


  • Thank you never seems enough when we receive such wonderful updates. His confidence just seems to be going from strength to strength. His results are testament to the hard work he has been doing and credit so much of this to the help he has received from and at ACES. I find his math results amazing given how he struggled three years ago.

    - Parent of Yr 12 boy, May 2018

  • My daughter's maths teacher said she was very pleased with her mental strategies, I told her it was her wonderful maths tutor who has been working very hard on this area. It is clearly paying off so thank you!

    - Email from a Year 6 parent, April 2018

  • I just wanted to show you these results (OLNA) and thank you for all the hard work you put into helping my son achieve this. As you know small victories like this are massive milestones for students like him and it is just fantastic to know there are people out there supporting them!

    - Parent email received in 2017